The following services are available to individual clients, schools and local community groups:

Speech and Language Assessment

I offer two types of speech, language and communication assessment depending on your child's individual needs:


  • Early Intervention / Targeted assessment £125

This usually lasts 90 minutes and consists of a parental interview, observation and informal and formal assessment as appropriate. ​ Following assessment, a Language and Communication Profile will be created outlining your child's strengths and areas for development.  Advice and strategies will also be provided.  If a full report is required there will be an additional cost of £60.


  • Full speech, language and communication assessment £250

This usually lasts around 3 hours and consists of a parental interview, liaison with education staff and other professionals as appropriate, observation and informal and formal assessment.  Following assessment the results will be explained and a full report completed with a range of individual strategies provided.

Speech and Language Groups 

Tailored intervention programmes for small groups to target a range of needs including speech sound difficulties, language development and attention & listening skills.  Please call to discuss your specific requirements.

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Contact Leigh today to discuss your specific needs or book an appointment.

Individual Therapy

  • Children's 1:1 intervention 

Intervention sessions last for 30 minute and cost £45.  Sessions include motivating activities and games to target your child's individual goals.  During each session I will demonstrate activities that you will be able to do with your child at home and provide or suggest resources that you can use to continue to work on goals in between sessions.  Therapy can be provided weekly, fortnightly or monthly as required.  Termly or monthly reviews with a subsequent home programme are also available at a cost of £60.

  • Adult 1:1 intervention or parent training sessions

Adult intervention sessions last 45 minutes and parent training sessions last approximately one hour.  Prices range from £45 to £60 per session and are designed to meet your specific goals.   

Training Programmes

I provide training and consultation for employers, school staff or parents on a range of Speech, Language and Communication topics (including accredited Elklan & Hanen programmes)

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Multi-disciplinary Autism Assessment

Assessments are available for both children and adults.  Click here for more information.